Easy Listening

The offer in the genre of Easy Listening includes soft but also winged melodies. Famous musicians like BILLY VAUGHN (saxophon) and DAMIAN LUCA (panpipes) proof their skills. Our offer includes many world hits in an instrumental sound featuring various lead instruments like


Sail Along Silvry Moon

Billy Vaughn (Sax)

Tobias/Wenrich, Anne Rachel Music/ASCAP


Aloha Oe

Billy Vaughn (Sax)

Trad. / arr. Vaughn, Milene Music/ASCAP

Einsamer Hirte(Lonely Sheppaerd)

Damian Luca (Panpipe)

Last/Zamfir, Happy Music


Island In The Sun

Damian Luca (Panpipe)

Belafonte/Burgess, Lord Burgess Music


End Of Eternity

Damian Luca (Panpipe)

Schwarz, Swissong


Out Of Africa

Damian Luca (Panpipe)

Barry, Music Corporation of America


Moonlight Shadow

David Palmer (Guitar)

Oldfield, Oldfield/Virgin Music


Hoot Owl

David Palmer (Guitar)

Wiberg, Swissong



Fracis Moore Orchestra

Paich/Porcara, Hudmar Publishing/Cowbells



Francis Moore Orchestra

Lloyd-Webber/Elliott/Nunn, Koppelman/Bandier